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What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?
IBS is a common condition that affects the gut causing symptoms such as: diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and cramps. The exact cause is not known and there is no particular cure however, some evidence based dietary and medical interventions can help to successful control symptoms.  Irritable bowel syndrome is linked to foods passing through the gut too slowly or too quickly, over sensitive nerves in the gut and also stress.

How is IBS diagnosed?
While there is no specific test to diagnose IBS. It is generally  diagnosed  by process of elimination by your doctor,
who will take a medical history and recommend examinations and tests to rule out other conditions. The Rome III
and Rome IV criteria can also be used to aid diagnosis. 

How Can Susan Help you?
Susan is Kings College London trained to deliver the Low FODMAP diet for functional bowel disorders. She is also trained in CBT formulation for emotional eating as well as stress management and mindful eating techniques. There is a growing body of evidence showing how stress can directly impact on gut symptoms via the gut brain axis. Susan treats every client holistically taking into consideration their medical, nutritional and psychological needs.

The Low FODMAP diet
To find out more about the low FODMAP diet and how high FODMAP foods can lead to IBS symptoms then please watch the video below.

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